According to the good pleasure of God’s will, on January 7, 1974, a child by the name of William Hudson, III, was born to proud parents, William and Patricia Hudson. Many satanic attempts were made trying to annihilate this infant, but God had the ultimate plan and purpose for his life.

William grew up as a member of Zion Temple M. B. Church under the pastorate of Reverend F. D. Johnson. Around the tender age of 3, God began to deal with him in an unusual way. Yet not able to read or write, he began preaching from a picture bible as he listened to his sister, Tina read the bible stories to him. By the age of four, God filled him with the Holy Ghost and he began to speak in unknown tongues as the Holy Spirit gave him utterance. At the age of 8, (the number of new beginnings), God had a new beginning for William. He preached his first church sermon publicly.


Also at the age of 8, God impressed upon William to gather some of his friends together and began a church. In obedience to God, he got together with two of his neighbors and they began to hold services in his backyard. He ministered faithfully to his family, friends and neighbors, and the Power of God was so great in those services that it drew the attention of everyone. People began to come and visit the church as they rendered praises unto the Lord. As the crowd began to increase, adults as well as children, they moved the services into the garage and from there to the basement. Yet being a member of Zion Temple, God continued this work as they held their services every Friday night. At the age of 11, he was licensed, at age 12 he was ordained to preach the Gospel by his Pastor, Reverend F. D. Johnson.

In December 1990, he began full-time pastoring. The new edifice was located at 6907 South Halsted. In 2007, the ministry moved to a much larger facility at 944-58 W. 103rd Street, where services are currently being held. He is the Senior Pastor of Prayer and Faith Outreach Ministries.

In December 1995, Pastor Hudson graduated from Chicago State University with his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Speech. He later matriculated at Northern Baptist Theological Seminary in June 2000, with his Master of Divinity Degree. 

Prayer & Faith Outreach Ministries is also an affiliate of Pilgrim Assemblies International which is headquartered in New York, under the leadership of Senior Archbishop Roy E. Brown. In 2000, Pastor Hudson became Jurisdictional Presbyter of the Rehoboth Jurisdiction in Chicago, under the leadership of Jurisdictional Bishop Claude O. Timmons. In July 2010, Presbyter Hudson was consecrated as a Bishop by Archbishop Roy E. Brown, Chief Prelate of Pilgrim Assemblies International.

On Saturday, April 2, 2016, Patriarch and Senior Archbishop Roy E. Brown officiated the elevation and enthronement of Bishop William Hudson III to Archbishop William Hudson III, Chief Prelate of Pilgrim Assemblies International.

Born to preach….born to pastor….not just another pastor with just another church. Pastor Hudson has preached in over 35 States in America and continues to touch the world with the Gospel. He is an eloquent speaker, delivering a vibrant message of hope for all audiences. He is a true gift to the body of Christ, called to “Unlock the new things of God, using the keys of the old path.”

“I have a determination that will never die! I have a zeal that will never dry up! I have a fire in me that cannot be quenched! I must win the lost at any cost, and I can do it through Christ that strengthens me.”


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